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The sound of the New Generation

We allow ourselves to paraphrase the refrain from New Generation from Scorpions to run into our first impression. "Here comes the young, the new generation [...] you are the only ones who can make a change".Peel the antiwar argument that the phrase brings to the original song. Add in a "summer of love". Shaken, not stirred.

Sen Senra, accompained by sevillians Vera Fauna, came to the show arm-in-arm completing intense rhythms, not without originality and instrumental intensity. Well accompained by a staunch troupe that danced, trampled and caused more than one pogo or slam, based on a frantic jostling'n elbows salad, in contrast to the passages where all drinks were raised above their heads and people choirs. Prominently garage environment, absolute predominance of vocalist and a mix of differents styles that attract us or away from different periods, from those early Stooges and 13th Floor Elevators to more (relatively) new bands like The Black Keys or Mac DeMarco and adding thematic aderezzos shorebirds in the wake of the Beach Boys.


In order to create atmosphere, advancing about Vera Fauna who were drawing his aparataje, the first minutes consisted of a naive and heavenly melody. Of short duration, for the moment the belly of the beast looked, populated by rampaging guitars, ups and downs in speed, acute voices screaming that, after much sweating, fade out in insistent instrumental passages in its variety of chords. The andalusian rock background at times crossed the room, identified as the "ghost" of Manuel Molina, dead some days after, and contemporaries as El Imperio del Perro, "big brothers" in body and soul. The successful premiere ended with shaking guitars, that point was to emulate the Clash while the first lines deafening and maddening to move to a snail's pace and final melt leads.


Here arrives the change, we delve into the roots of these "permanent vacation" in which we want to plunge the vigés Sen Senra. Leisure holidays and absence of limitations observed in his debut album Permanent Vacations which is now confirmed by a first but powerful live in form and content. The tour of the themes of this album was their first stops in Everyone's got a price and Waiting (a counterpoint ballad severed by a "Come on, fucking joke's over now!"). A set in lo-fi that revolves around the crooner pose of Senra, with clear guitars, sparkling keyboards that are taking shape in Pza. America and the dancing Lunatics. "At last we will be able to make love well", a psychedelic point joined to the californian hippie mythical (ironically or not) from Flowers and striking Looking at you whose refrain repeated many voices to the latest movements and death throes. The "new generation" always returns in diferenters shapes and metamofosis. And if it is accompanied by talent, the better.