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The return of Delta Maid

Delta Maid is the stage name of Liverpool singer-songwriter Katie Foulkes. Almost a decade after her brilliant debut album, she returns with a stormer of a second one simply titled Katie. The ten songs that compose it show that she is in top shape and in the best disposition to develop an important musical career in the coming years.

When Delta Maid emerged onto the British scene in 2010, she seemed destined to become a sensation. She signed a major record deal, toured with globally renowned artists, and released a well received debut album, but it didn’t take long for her to realise she was a poor fit for the commercially oriented music industry.

Katie Foulkes, the woman who is Delta Maid, found herself unable to express real feelings, and as a result, she took a nine year hiatus from the industry.  During that time, she rediscovered her passion for music. Having reclaimed her independence, she has spent the past year writing the songs that would later become her soul stirring new album Katie.