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The New Raemon Interview

Last February, Oh, Rompehielos, The New Raemon's awaited new record, was released. After three years without record news and concerts, Ramón Rodríguez comes shining back onstage bringing this new record. He will present it on the 10th of April at one of the most emblematic places in Barcelona, the Palau de la Música, offering a concert within the cicle Bandautors al Palau, at the Petit Palau. Seizing the chance we have talked with the musician from Cabrils about his new album, with a concise and direct interview, such as his music.

Each one of your records is different, you always say that you don't like to repeat. What do we find new or different in your fifth record, Oh, Rompehielos?

I don't normally ask that to myself, I'm more concerned with the creative process.

Ramón Rodríguez and The New Raemon, what makes them different and what the same?

One lives life and the other sings it.

Was this gothic tale's halo which abounds in your albums, especially the two previous ones, a reflection of your state of mind?

It is always like that with my songs.

All these characters that we find in your songs and this ambience that we just talked about, is that a sort of armor to help you tell personal and real things?

Writing helps me to keep going, some people need other things, for me composing songs is what helps me.

You say that the break which has kept you from publishing an album as The New Raemon for around three years has been due to a lack of belief in the sector; what has motivated you again?

Finding again the taste for composing and learning to ignore some undesirables who belong to the circuit through which we artists need to go to do our job.


How has the break helped you? What conclusions do you draw?

That I like to write songs and that this characters won't be here when I publish records with 50 years.

Does the title of your record Oh, rompehielos, make reference to that change of opinion?

It makes reference to hope.

You use rhyme a lot in your songs, does that make it more difficult for you to give it meaning? Why this course of action?

I don't think it's always like that, but I use it because I like it. I mean, they are classic songs. I haven't discovered fire.

Having the process of work for your last record been the way it has been, a record which has been self-produced and which breathes more handcrafted airs... What has this way of working brought to you?

Total freedom.

And your return to Bcore, what would you keep from your experience outside of Bcore?

Sincerely? Nothing.

What does it bring to you to be back with them?


What do you think of the reception of the record these last weeks?

I'm surprised, it seems everybody has liked it. I'm happy.

We could say that Oh, rompehielos, is an album of contrasts, some more positive songs and others which are more critical... Like life itself, isn't it?


Your records are short, direct and concise... and this one is no exception. Why?

Nobody has much time in modern life, I think that pretending to steal more than half an hour from the hearer is to be too pretentious. Not even I have more time to listen to other records, I can't ask for people to do more.


Do the fact of combining performances with Madee, the edition of this new record and your concerts as The New Raemon influence one another?

They're different projects, with Madee everything's more physical, you need to play and sing from a more visceral place. With The New Raemon I can do a more relaxed show. I like to be able to do both.

We could not fail to mention the success of your daughters. Should we say they are Ramon's Daughters or that Ramon is Mourn's father?

It's been a long time now that I am Mourn's father, these girls go their own way.

The fact of having you as a referent will have helped them to accept this success naturally, and to enjoy...

They have grown up surrounded by recording studios and musicians, they live it as something normal.

The fact of producing bands, publishing records with other musicians, colaborating with several people... What does this provide you with when creating your work?

It provides me with the fact of being surrounded by talented people, and that always makes you grow.

Do you think it is something every musician should do?

The only thing a musician should do is to be humble.

Right now, what other things is Ramon planning?

A new comic and a single with three unpublished songs which were left out of the record.