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The dedication of Javiera Mena

It was about time that Javiera Mena presented in Spain her acclaimed new work, the festive Otra Era. Chilean star's most hedonistic and free album. In April she was in Valencia, Barcelona and Madrid. Poplacara attended the presentation at the capital, which gathered a dedicated audience.

BFlecha opened the night with a sophisticated electronic proposal. An interesting opening which fit perfectily with which was about to come.


Javiera Mena's live performances, at least in Spain, have changed with every visit. In 2010 she presented alone Esquemas Juveniles in that year's edition of the Primavera Sound festival, with just a keyboard and some pre-recorded beats. She would return a year later with a band to give shape to the songs in Mena. Now, she recovers a solo live. She launches the beats and builds the songs with the synthetizers. It is a more austere proposal, but makes more sense within the essence of her music, completely electronic.


The truth is, she wasn't completely alone, because four dancers created imposible choreographies in each song. The feeling was similar to that of a mixture between the live shows of the Pet Shop Boys and La Casa Azul. The staging, which often privileged the choreographies over the music, was quite alike the Pet Shop Boys' live performances, as was the fast music. Similarities with La Casa Azul were found in the fans singing all the lyrics to each song and a more intimate moment when playing with the piano Quédate un ratito más.

Except for the misterious Pide, she played the whole of Otra Era, making it clear that each song has the soul of a hit. Espada, La Joya o La Carretera, which had El Guincho as a special guest, although the result wasn't as good as the album version, for at points the sound wasn't fit for the energy that Javiera conveyed and the strength of the songs.