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Territorios Sevilla 2015

The festival season has begun and of course, the Sevillan festival par excellence, where you will find assembled a singular line-up of artists with peculiar and highly personal styles, can’t be missing this year. In contrast to previous years, the programme can boast with a renowned international group, Calle 13, and with various groups and artists who are finding an important spot in the international panorama for themselves.

A lot has changed for the festival which takes places in the Carthusian monastery, a festival that was born as an effort for the music of a concrete “territory” – which is the reason for its name. It was in its fourth year, in 2001, when they decided to change the concept of its concert and artist programme combining various musical styles. After small changes every year, they came to the concept we now know and enjoy.

On the 12th and 13th of June, you can enjoy South American music, the firmest Spanish rap, the most recent electronic music from up-to-date international artists and, of course, a party of national and international independent rock/pop.


The first day of the festival counts with the performance of the DJs Afrojack and the known minimalist musician Richie Hawtin, even though you will know him better under his pseudonym Plastikman. Lovers of electronic music can also enjoy The Zombie Kids, Julian Jeweil and DJ mesh on the same day. Dub will be represented by Cocoa Tea and Irie Souljah.

SFDK and Rayden are trying – we’re sure they’ll be successful – to represent rap on the first day of the festival. The guy from Madrid and the Sevillans, already idolised artists, will present their new releases. The festival organisers thus guarantee the satisfaction of an audience that will surely be hard to please. The hardest acts of the night will be The Strypes and Dorian, groups that lead the rock line-up of the festival, next to Macaco, the most “pop” of these three.

But they have saved the best for Saturday, the second day of the festival. Puerto Rico and Colombia will be present as we will have the opportunity to listen to both Calle 13 and Bomba Estéreo on the same day. The first is a group that has been well established in the musical scene for years and a regular at Spanish festivals. Bomba Estéreo has already visited us almost ten times and we will be lucky to enjoy their music in Seville in a night that will most probably be anything but boring.

That also has a lot to do with the performance of Juanito Makandé, who will be on stage twice in this one night: once with his own group and then again as the drummer of Mártires del compás, a group which comes back to the stage after a long period of inactivity. These two are the the Andalusian treatof the weekend. El Chojin and Shotta represent rap in the second night of the festival – and they will grant more than one surprise for sure.

At the end of the day, it will be a real party dedicated to the music and we will listen to a great mixture of very diverse styles. That is why the festival-goers will be very lucky: they will be able to enjoy very diverse performances without having to suffer the typical musical monotony of some festivals.