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Tamisa's new ep

About one year ago we discover them at Camden Dublin Castle. Two guys with a pretty stern looking on the stage and, as we said then, invited to scepticism. A beginner band, few instruments, a laptop... a laptop! Me that have not finishedto understand that KISS used synthesizers. Anyway, what was coming was a beer with some ambient music. But what really sounded then toke us to a quiet different outcome. That hard rock splashed by techno and dance music did not take long to satisfy everyone present, even myself, who were so lucky to enjoy such a powerful and rare tender.

TAMISA has known how to fit the time passed since that awesome recital to the present date. If when I asked that day about future albums they answered with "We would like but think there is a lot of job to do" Now that reality is getting closer. They have just make their best songs in their first EP but with a little bit of modesty, this two portuguese lost inside the urban taiga of London prefer using the term "demo".   


"Warless Soldier" is the main theme of the release and gives it the name. The first TAMISA's Ep has the defining ingredients of the duo's sound; overwhelming samplers, strong presence of bass and drums, rock melodies becoming in heavy and chorus mixed with dance to explode in a perfect climax in each track. In this same way, Miguel Reis and Francisco Torres, band members, have released the videoclip of the song, being their firs edited video experience.

Now, several months after that first touch full of suspicion, after that beer ordered with more caution than thirst, TAMISA has all the attention that one can offer from the same moment it is known they are planning an album, a live show or a new song. One of the best emergent bands of the arts font that is the east of London.