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Swing returns to Seville brought by O Sister!

In the middle of the darkness, three characters appear on stage lit by a single lamp. Three singers period-dressed start to sing their melody. Dances, music and, yes, drawing. Such has been the concert of O Sister! In the Fundación Cajasol. Un concierto ilustrado which has taken us back to the heart of the 30s in the United States, where Jazz and Swing marked an epoch.

Fred Astaire, Louis Armstrong and, of course, The Boswell Sisters have been some of the main dishes of the concert, from whom they have covered several pieces. The Sevillian band has livened up the venue with their crazy rhythms and witty commentaries, and the performers have made a real musical display, showing to the public what vocal jazz is. Paula Padilla, Helena Amado and Marcos Padilla have managed to take all those present back to a different age, where fun is over tragedies and only one thing matters: music.

Divided in four acts, the concert ilustrates the beginnings of jazz and its evolution until the arrival of Hollywood and its leap into the most important musicals, like 42nd St from which they cover a song or that mythical Dream a Little Dream of me in three voices and accompanied only by an ukelele, one of the most emotional moments of the show. Furthermore, the band has managed to rescue many songs which have been forgotten, songs by Irving Berlin or Ahlert and Young, like Puttin' On the Ritz and I'm Gonna Sit Right Down (And Write Myself a Letter).


While the voices amused us, we could not forget about the musical participation. Matías Comino on the guitar, Camilo Bosso on the bass and Pablo Cabra on the drums, are the ones in charge of accompanying these spectacular songs and, even, to be the protagonists with their magical touches of swing and jazz. Moreover, O Sister! has been accompanied by Daniel Cano on the trumpet, who has performed great songs with the band and that creepy ending which has managed to make all those present leap in their seats.

And while the totality of O Sister! enlivened the show, two cartoonists ilustrated four-handed the content of the songs. José Luis Agreda and Pedro Alpera, also dressed as if they came from the past, were filmed drawing their cartoons by a camera. Ships at a dock, the streets of Hollywood and even a quick caricature of all the assistants to the show, were shown on the screen accompanied by the music, moving in a dynamic way.


The band already has three records with the best covers. They also performed a show focused on those who came accompanied by a child audience. A song was dedicated to the latter and they played with their implication in the show, making them sing some verses. Even the little ones can dance a Swing or sing Cole Porter.

O Sister! keep stirring passions and displaying this great job of saving many lost or forgotten songs. While we await for their next concert, let us await as they do best, with a bit of jazz in the purest 30s style.

Place: Fundación Cajasol

City: Seville

Date: Sunday 22nd February, 2015