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Stops of Blues and Folk to Pecado

To all of those who prefer point-blank talkers, all of those who don't read more than the title on their way to work and get bored in the baroque rhetoric of the writers. For all of them, I am going to talk clearly: PerroRosa by The Milkyway Expres is a great album and you need to listen to it. But a minimum professionalism is demanded of me, so this is for all the rest of you who are still reading.

I haven’t forgotten that the band’s fourth album, which has been claiming the rock throne in Spain during their ten years of activity, was released some months ago. But I believe that media has not paid enough attention to it and I could even think that some people have not listened to the album yet, and there are people who have been able to take this indecency one step further, and do not know the band.

The first time I saw the Milkyway Express perform live was in a warehouse in an industrial area in Dos Hermanas (Sevilla) and they really looked like they had come in a train from the galaxy. Their southern rock, drunk of classic bands, was something that sounded like the best of the good old rock but sounded as never before and invited you to get in one of the wagons for a trip from Sevilla to The Smash and to Lead Belly playing guitar in his porch.

This happened more or less around 2007, and six, seven or more years have passed, the last work of the band from Seville makes me think "Holly shit, here it is. Rock and roll again.”

PerroRosa starts softly, progresses slowly, penitent like his first title advertises, sung by Charlie Yañes with the same aplomb that we can deduct from Neil Young's The Old Homestead. And from there on, the rhythm of the album goes up, inside acoustic guitars and electric riffs which get mixed with the instrumental diversity of the concerts of these Texas guys come from the south of the Guadalquivir, which has come to be the symbol of their sound. It is south crashing into the Seattle sound in Goodnight Butcher to go back to the pure Milkyway style in the third track, Hi Hi. The LP has four more treasures (Lonesome Man, Bloody Boots, Something's Wrong and Lost Dogs) which make the album grow up even more, no failures, giving in every single chord, with a mix of the perfect amount of blues, folk and rock that will remind you of Creedence Clearwater Revival and Lynrd Skynrd with ZZ Top’s cool attitude. The work of a brilliant band which, day by day, gets closer to their deserved place in the music scene. Charlie Yañes, Alvaro Aspe, Fernando Faces, Sleepy James and Toni Picante have managed to make something that stands out and that is as weird as it is surprising, playing rock and roll, and the key has been as simple as this: doing it properly.

In fact, PerroRosa has placed them between the favourites for the public in the Internet, in the category of best album and live show of the year. An album which is so good that its last song could not be titled any other way: Pecado (sin). Have you not thought about which album you want for Christmas yet? Take advantage of the opportunity because the one bringing the presents likes the mop head and beard style.