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The feeling of confinement

About three months ago, in the middle of the quarantine, Sound Depression started to show its head on YouTube with its first theme Hasta que llegue la muerte.  The description of the video reads “a song inspired by the whole new wave-post punk scene made one of the days we were closed down and all everyone wanted to do was to go out dancing”. Shortly after, a 16-minute extended play composed of five very diverse songs was released, in that post-punk line with which its own author defines himself, which has been a very promising debut by a very interesting young artist.

Post-punk is a genre which lived its glory days a long time ago, but for some years now it has reappeared, especially in Russia and others Eastern European countries with very qualified groups such as Human Tetris, Motorama, Ytpo, Buerak, Brandeburg, Ploho or Molchat Doma (the influences on the latter in Sound Depression are quite remarkable). However, in the Spanish scene its presence is not so strong and even less with lyrics sung in Spanish, so seeing a work like that is not so common.

The Sound Depression extended play has that eighties air so characteristic of the post-punk and new wave as usual but without ceasing to sound fresh, new, since songs like the already mentioned Hasta que llegue la muerte (an ode to the need of going out and having a good time because of the monotony caused by the confinement) or Ya no hay verano (the time passing by, what is left and what is gone away, that uncertainty that existed with the summer on the horizon, etc.) are completely daughters of its time. Possibly, they are the two best songs of the extended play, in which a very danceable and catchy rhythm stands out with a lot of musicality, joyful, although their lyrics do not follow the same tonic. The other three tracks, Mira mis ojos, Hay que abandonar este lugar and Dime que me odias have a more lugubrious and depressing atmosphere (“if nobody remembers me, I will be extinct”, says the song Mira mis ojos), although each track is a different world worthy of earing because of the variations between them.

This is one of the most enjoyable discoveries of this year, and we hope this is just the beginning and continues inspiring people by what it conveys and how it does it. So far, it looks like summer has finally come. More and less.