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Sonic slips

After the energetic and conscientious live performance of Sangre, a very enjoyable female sextet that later on would join the party, and under a heat that oppressed as the law –the air conditioning’s breakdown made the endearing analogy of a fan, the protagonist–, Los Pilotos, that is, Florent Muñoz and Banin Fraile let themselves go in a cosmic show, more than fitting to offer all of us who met at Charada, a gig of mere entertainment to start the sunny weekend vigorously.

With Julio Ruiz and a fraction of Los Claveles y Juventud Juché among the attendees, the night kicked off with a legendary verbal ram by Banin: «If you brought any pills, now is the time to take them». Everything was ready to begin enjoying with the main attraction. It was 18 minutes past 10 p.m. when the first sound gusts of Paisaje sonoro began to spread.

Behind a bunch of wires, apparatus, various sonic toys, and sharing the attention with Job’s apple sign, Banin and Floren resolutely grabbed the wheel to take us on a highly advisable and vibrantly felt cosmic trip. Floren, running his Fender to the second song of the session, put behind the groups phase to fully go into the decisive stretch until the end, moment at which Banin (sometimes almost in a trance) took pleasure in the prestidigitation of his reddish gadget Alesis Air Fx to string it together with the third sonic stop, memorable cut starring his original debut hymn Cero en blanco, that drowned the pedal to surf towards the climax of the event.

Later on, implementing practically their whole newly released second album, they would brilliantly shake us with Longitud de onda 585nm, taking delight and plunging in the textures reaching the conveyor belt. El regreso de Logan outdid themselves with their well chosen guitar-pedal support. The feeling that this terrific electro-southern proposal gives is a feeling of a beyond remarkable satisfaction. Having said that, I agree with my best friend inside the circle on several comments interregnum over the course of the soiree; the setting of a festival along with a more ungodly hour would blossom into a glory only within reach of the greatest of the trade.

The night of the 27th-28th of june of the year of the Lord 2014 piloted towards the final stages, but there would still be left a welcome encore, that reminded me of a great night at Los Mostenses square where Florent and I, some large drinks, an intense planetary chat (being recent La habitación de Fermat and Una corona de estrellas), and a few clandestine kisses, planted a seed, which strengthens more and more every day, for the polyhedron and capital art called music (and for the resulting auto-soundtrack of your life).

Ending the night by sharing a few temporary fragments with nice, open-minded, and interesting people of the trade, and taking home with me the treasure of Florent and Banin’s signatures stamped for eternity on the booklets Super 8, Pop, Encuentros con entidades and La leyenda del espacio, ended up drawing an ebullient circle to deal with festivals and concerts to come, in a year that will go down in the history of my own melomaniac episodes and collective memoirs.

Los Pilotos are back with a very powerful crew and the podium assured. Don’t miss it out. Keep an eye out for their next races and you will always find them in the lead.


Translation by Irene Soto.