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That song from the 2000s.

The sand and surroundings of the beautiful setting ruled by the beach of La Magdalena were witness to another occurrence of the successful Santander Music festival.

The Cantabrian weather, as elusive and treacherous as always, was, from the very first day, a latent and extremely discomforting threat. But the melomaniac energies and the good star aligned to make the constellations of the party, and most importantly, the songs, stay afloat.

The professional and powerfully precious live of León Benavente was responsible for initiating the journey to give way to a more than contrasted line up, certainly exquisite.

After the intense roars, Meneo DJ, in his second round, continued to enliven the atmosphere, preparing the terrain for the awaited gig delivered by the former front man of Los Piratas.

Iván Ferreiro’s feeling and impressive intimacy, accompanied by the prolific and much requested Ricky Falkner, in charge of the bass, got everyone excited, reaching the climax with the irreversible and ultrasonic eternal hymn Años 80, one of the best songs in the history of pop, an authentic treasure, one of those chorus-plus-ascent songs that give you the goosebumps and take you to your personal hideouts and non-transferrable favorites.

In the equator of the Santander night, the funny Asteroids Galaxy Tour’s Anglo-power-pop —Hey! What a juicy name— would be a beyond acceptable preface, after another lively session in the Escenario playa (beach stage), for the wanted Izal to appear, who projected the strongest sonic dotting through all their most heartfelt songs that made people vibrate and devote themselves in an unstoppable in crescendo, reaching the sound summit with La Mujer de Verde.

On the boards, ‘the real deal’, it’s the perfect time to discover or rediscover a band. To end the festivities Standstill proved an outpouring and a range of surprising sounds which left us with a good taste in our mouths to complement the first stage of the festival-at-the-beach occasion of the moment.

Translation by Irene Soto.