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SON Estrella Galicia bets on independent music in Sevilla

The Quintero Theater held the presentation for the SON Estrella Galicia event the past 25th of February, which has been celebrated in Spain for six years, a concerts season that will bring national and international independent musicians to Sevilla, for all of us to keep enjoying good music, bringing artists such as Eli “Paperboy” Reed.

SON Estrella Galicia will play 150 shows in total this year, distributed among 20 venues and festivals. Altogether, 30.000 people were present for the occasion last year, an amount which is expected to be bigger thanks to Sevilla participating last year with the contribution of the Quintero Theater, where six concerts will take place, providing another kind of stage box for these events.

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Cecilia Babarro, Estrella Galicia’s press officer showed her support for the choice of this space: “The Quintero Theater has become a more open place where various activities are held for all ages.” Besides, she added that this is one more incentive for Sevilla and its relationship with independent music.

Tali Carreto from La Mota Comunicación, was the person in charge of announcing the shows already confirmed for Sevilla. First of all, the past March 9th they held Eli Paperboy Reed’s performance, with a different format from that which he presented at Territorios, trying to go back the origins of Rhythm and Blues.


He will be followed by Jayhawks on Abril 8th, bringing in the essence of American Folk; and the 13th of May Micah P. Hirson will come, accompanied by The Buriers with the violin and the cello, who will remember their debut Micah P. Hinson and The Gospel of Progress, whose ten years are being celebrated. There are still three more concerts to be confirmed which are expected for this next September.

It has also been mentioned a possible collaboration of more national and international artists, although the intention is to promote the more local participation. Furthermore, the possibility of supporting bands has not yet been ruled out, and is still to be decided. Over the next few months more shows and festivals will keep being confirmed for different spots in Spain.


The presentation concluded with Chencho Fernández’s performance, who has just released his album Dadá estuvo aquí (Dadá was here), and who has also collaborated in this event and enlivened the meeting, while he showed us his last songs.