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On slow burn and at full power

The vocalist of The News opens up in a solo session to the audience of Redhouse with a repertoire based on their most recent EP Zingaro, as well as with an addition from his personal creative universe.

Quentin gas tightens the machine heads and struggles with the sound check, waiting for an audience that fills up the Redhouse, present both outside and inside, and also near the bar and the makeshift stage. This is the advantage of playing at coffee bars: it allows for a very good tune at short distances, and Quenting Gas knows how to make the most of it. Without much ceremony, and flanked by amplifiers and speakers, he opened with a slight howl that reverberated from the guts of the pub and got started with Jesus the Savior.

A raspy voice, vibrant and trembling strings accompanied by sharp strums led the way to the first lines of a song as much energetic as heartfelt. For the next hour and a half, we witnessed the secret work of Q. Gas highlighted by a wide melodic range both in vocals and metal strings. From high to low pitch in a heartbeat, from slow rhythm ballads to more rock fanfare. A bare Zingaro, without any accompaniment or palms other than the attention from those present, was joined by Fire Walk With Me.”It is a song quite difficult for someone who doesn’t know how to play guitar”, he ironically replies from his stool.

The breaks don’t give anybody a break but keep the crowd attentive. Only the periodic pauses to wipe away his sweat and curse about the "arctic conditions" of the room allow for an exchange of smiles. Screams, that almost sound like a dull guffaw, put an end to Going Back and blend into a delightful Russian girl. Over the next minutes, his feet can’t stop tapping on the chair through the compasses of Black Indians and a Chandelier that takes us to the end of the journey. After a few lines which become sighs and some muffled notes, everything’s back to normal with the typical bustling atmosphere of the pub. Without question, we are sure that Quentin Gas (if by Gas we are referring to fuel) still has a lot more to burn.

Translation by Irene Soto