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Singing without worries

Guitar in his hand and playing with the effects pedals, Cómo Vivir en el Campo’s guitarist and singer Pedro Arranz created, out of nowhere, the long development with which Escándalo en la autopista begins, the song which closes the fascinating second full-length by the band CVEEC 2, album which they presented in the Moby Dick venue in Madrid to a large and devoted audience.

The song was an unbeatable introduction, showing the band’s most psychedelic side, to go on later to other more ungodly atmospheres without causing any cracks to the sound. That is one of the unquestionable trademarks of Cómo Vivir en el Campo, they pilote all kinds of genres, from a bolero, Lo que no logra la razón lo hace el diablo to the surf in Si vienes a buscar suerte. A stylistic tornado that changes constantly and does not cease to surprise, but that also keeps a personality of its own that triumphs live.

CVEEC 2, edited by the label El Genio Equivocado, keeps its insolence and a certain sadness which was already present in the first work by the band. The difference is that we are before a more serious and forceful album. Its precision, with only eight songs, also influences the impact it makes. Doubtlessly, a fascinating album full with lyrics which are between cryptic and poetic.

They went over the whole album, including the most precious moments as the cover of Teresita Fernández, Cuando el Sol, for which they counted on the voice and the guitar of Begoña Casado. Being one of the calmest songs of the show, it is an undeniably attractive song.

A very special concert which had a breathtaking sound, the untamable spirit of the frontman Arranz, Miguel López Breñas’ bass lines and Carlos Barros’ rhythmic precision. The energetic end arrived with the mantra Oro Graso and its «No mires para atrás, solo dame la mano» (don’t look back, just take my hand). Right, so let’s take their hand strongly and not let them go.

Campeón opened the night with a pretty straightforward indie rock with a 90s spirit, reminding of Superchunk or even of Sunny Day Real Estate. At certain moments, somewhat melancholic, they won us over with their electric nerve. We will have to be attentive to what they record next.