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Searching among the ruins

Hidrogenesse's career keeps going with Roma, their last studio album after their conceptual record on Alan Turing, Un Dígito Binario Dudoso. At its presentation in Madrid they were accompanied by Espanto, fellow label band. A night of barbarians and romans and a lot of attitude.

Espanto, despite slight sound problems, made a more than outright presentation of songs which are already classics like Panteras or Jagger y Richards, with lyrics that say more and more every time you listen to them and escape from that apparent costumbrismo which is part of their music. They presented a couple of new songs like the accurate Morirás, which made it clear that the best of Espanto is yet to come.


Genís and Carlos appeared wearing special clothes in agreement with their last work. Roma finds its precedent in a profound and serious record such as Un Dígito Binario Dudoso and, though it tries to wrap itself in a certain conceptual tone, it does not reach the high level of that record; which is not to say that it lacks potential hits, as was shown by the followers of the band who crowded the venue.

Genís' first words were a summary of what the concert would be like. 18 songs, encore included, the show would last an hour and fifteen minutes and the performer even dared predict two memorable moments, though there were truly more.


The show was due to the presentation of Roma and that's why they played it almost entirely. Starting with Siglo XIX, a surprising beginning which set the tone that the concert would have, similar to that of their last album. El hombre de barro or Dos tontos muy tontos were other prominent songs from their new album.

They reinterpreted the older songs with the same more electronic perspective and, sometimes, with less nuances. Songs like No hay nada más triste que lo tuyo or Disfraz de tigre didn't really fit in that new outfit, though others like Eres PC Eres Mac were revitalised with fresh blood.

For one of their best songs, Christopher, they decided to do a sort of theatrical reinterpretation. The live performance of Roma is more of a show than a simple concert. They managed to surprise, and that even having told us from the very beginning what it would be like.