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Salim Nourallah: back to the origins of pop rock in its maximum splendour

Salim Nourallah, a singer-songwriter of pop rock who started his solo career in 2004 and carries a broad musical repertoire, comes to us from the North of Texas. Even though his beginnings were next to his brother, they soon separated to start going their own ways. Thanks to Nourallah Brothers, the composer became known and started to be applauded. It is, however, only with his solo career that we get to know his most proliferous work, editing half a dozen albums.

The essence of Salim Nourallah goes from the origins of pop rock to merely acoustic interpretations. The musician is a great admirer of the Beatles and the pop rock of the 70s, a constant influence in all his work, mixing this musical style with the popular song and power pop, without claptrap. Rhythmic and catching songs that want to transmit a message that mixes with the experiences and thoughts of their author.

He started to develop as a soloist with Polaroid, released in 2004, and which even had an impact in the Rolling Stone magazine, where they talked about him as a “discovery”. Salim Nourallahhas been counting on the contribution of various independent record labels which have given impulses to his work. This was so much so that many of his songs have been played in famous TV series like The Wire and Smallville.

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Much praised was Hit Parade, the disc the singer-songwriter released in 2012 and which ended up being the most profound job the Texan had realised so far, a compilation of 14 songs which take us to the core of pop rock. This work was delayed for quite some time and so it really started projecting in 2009. But all the waiting was compensated, as this disc is considered the best album of his career, with a mix of the purest rock with repetitive and catching rhythms.

Everybody Knows is one of the most acclaimed songs by Salim Nourallah, and in it we see the essence of power pop mixed with the mordancy of the lyrics, accompanied by aggressive riffs and the hammering of the drums, with a catching rhythm, and a lot of it. The Quitter, Unstoppable or Goddamn Life call for self-reflection with their touch of 70s pop rock which stay in our head and make us listen to them time and time again. Without a doubt, Hit Parade is Salim Nourallah’s best album until now.

Currently, he is on the difficult path of publishing at his own expense, which he is trying to achieve with the help of the financial contribution of his supporters. With this method, Salim Nourallah will release his next disc, Skeleton Closet, which he finished at the end of 2014. Moreover, the singer-songwriter is in the middle of his tour of the United States, where he has started to perform his latest songs. The disc will be [was?] released at the end of March 2015 and will be [is?] sold all over the world. We can’t wait to discover the latest of this magnificent Texan singer-songwriter.