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Rude Audio releases Rudest EP plus Mr. Hare remix of Half Moon Lane Glitter.

Rude Audio are pleased to announce the release of the Mr. Hare remix of Half Moon Lane Glitter from their Rudest EP, released via Zirkus Records. Utilizing some key elements of the original track, Mr. Hare presents a worthy re-interpretation of this trance-inducing track. 

Mr. Hare (real name Adam Hare) has been remixing Rude Audio tracks for the past two years. With his new Half Moon Lane Glitter remix, he ups the tempo and adds a funky bassline. Cutting his teeth as a DJ at The Rollerdisco (Renaissance Rooms) in Vauxhall, where he has pumped out dubstep, drum n bass and hip hop as the alternative to the main commercial DJ room, he has gone on to play many club nights and raves, including Industry London, NW10, Scumtek and squat raves playing Drum n Bass into the early hours.

The original version of Half Moon Lane Glitter is but one track from the four-track Rudest EP that reflects the band's love of short and sweet stompathons – pulsating electronics meet staccato piano, uptown. The art and film for the accompanying video were created by Robert Bell.

Rude Audio is Mark Ratcliff (arrangement, production and keyboards), Amanda Greatorex (vocals and lyrics), EucalyptaLV (guest vocals), LamisHarper (piano and keys), TonyShea (guitar and ostrich guitar), and OwainLloyd (mixing desk and lyrics), who had just toured with PaulWeller and Stereophonics.