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A Shoreline Dream’s new single, Room for the Others

Colorado's A Shoreline Dream has announced they will release a new single, Room for the Others, on August 14, 2017. This is the fourth single from their ever-evolving new album, which is being released digitally one track at a time, before the full vinyl-only album is finally ready.

The song deals with the struggle to come to terms with, and attempting to overcome, the biggest fear in life...change. With the recent loss of close family and friends, A Shoreline Dream frontman Ryan Policky has instead taken those potential negatives and turned them into a message of personal reflection.

While the original wave of shoegazers chose textures and otherworldliness over conventional clarity and 90's post-rockers opted for progressive and fluid structures rather than traditional form, A Shoreline Dream are the keepers of both of those flames. Delivering a heady cocktail of dream-pop, shoegaze, neo-psychedelia, goth and progressive rock, the new single also brings a gothic undertone set against a pulsing, energetic rhythm and is, on the whole, more in keeping with northern European atmosphere than the warm sidewalks of Denver's suburbs