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Rocky tridents

The best Iberican Southern stoner shaked hands with strong progressive-influenced rock in a ménage à deux night, dressed with powerful guitars, only suitable for the bravest. Before the great The Dry Mouths, the Alcala-based Dieaway appeared on stage, presenting non-stop, all in one go their solid project. With no setlist, they just got carried away by their well-developed songs —blown-up, potent tunes capable of blowing our minds. A nice frontman putting down his mic in a lashing was a significant detail made even more important as it introduced the last destroying bit of the gig, in which instruments were the protagonists. It was a delicious starter before the excellent dish that would come next.


The Dry Mouths left our mouths absolutely dry at Boca Club. They rushed through their setlist at breakneck speed, with constant changes in rhythm and intensity.

Skillfully squeezing their full 2 Months, they didn't leave the rest of their prog rock releases aside. The Almeria-based band made every part of the comfortable venue boom with a bunch of songs that sounded quite compact. One of the greatest moments came right halfway the concert, when they played the anthem Tour P2, one of these tunes that make you start following a band.

They didn’t leave out the brilliant Outro, inter, intro e intromentals, the primitive Zumo de piña, the surf-esque Harry Reems or the abrasive Aid Teken Dogs.

The dry mouths

Mediocrity just doesn't exist for the stoner branch of Rock Almighty. The Dry Mouths are one of those bands to be enjoyed because of their own style and influences, far from hipster posers. They squeeze their setlist with passion and sweet craze. The band seems to be at ease on stage, showing all the effort made during rehearsals in front of the largest crowds they can gather.

13 killer tunes, perfect not to give a f*ck about —almost— anything, playing around and  challenging the power of your car's speakers, as you get lost along any dusty secondary road in a scene that could easily be filmed by John Milius, Winding Refn or Tarantino.

Venue La Boca Club (Madrid)

Date Saturday April 18th 2015

Promoter Peyote Producciones