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Rigo Ochoa is Waiting in vain

Rigo Ochoa is a Honduran musician based in Seville. He’s a singer (both in Spanish and English), guitarist and songwriter, this time he surprises us with a great version of Waiting in vain, one of the most celebrated and remembered songs by the legendary Bob Marley.

Originally a reggae song, Ochoa makes his own pop-rock version in which his soft and catchy rhythm stands out, his warm and intimate voice, and his work with the electric guitar, accompanying and even having his solo moment. A fairly rich and well-executed cover that transmits love and good vibes like the original by the Jamaican artist.

rigo 1.jpg

It is not the first time that he has dared to cover a great artist, as he also did the same with You´ve got a friend, a Carole King song that was left for posterity, precisely with another version of the song performed by James Taylor. Rigo Ochoa sang it emotionally with his mother Rosario Rodríguez.

Apart from that and several singles, the singer has a couple of EPs titled The Taste of Impermanence and Cinco Canciones para el Hambre that are of his own making. Surely we will not have to wait in vain for the Honduran to delights us again with a following tune in the near future.