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(Re)volutionizing style, stirring consciences

Talking of BtheFake is talking of the solo project which Bosco Valero, Sevillian music and composer, started with his two previous works Re (2011) and Bienester (2013), a melting-pot of electronic resources, big guitars and danceable ryhthms. He sits down to talk with us without his characteristic beard, almost a metaphor of the following striptease.

Bosco belongs to that generation of 'broke artists' which never achieved a 'hitazo' (word meaning 'huge hit' that belongs to a jargon which, he confesses, he can't stand). His passing through the music scene, however, his plagued of references which are well within his DNA: from the indie mix with coetanous artists to bands like Maga, Sic Buzos or Nudo Zurdo, to his electronic stage with the Farsantes, the interval with Nadiuska and the crossing over to fusion and music styles from around the world. In this last universe, Bosco finds the roots which have helped him foster the subject matter of the music video which illustrates the first song of Band 4 all. An hommage to the civil rights fight in the United States, latest issue anywhere in the world and especially in this country where racial and social tension have been revived after the murder of a young Afro-American in Ferguson. “The music which was clearly talking about these matters was fusion”- emphasizes Bosco- and that aspect has come to light again in this more personal format into which Band 4 all translates.


The second note of the chromatic scale becomes a resource to create multiple slogans: disrupt, restart, recover. The new concept of BtheFake is about breaking conventions, which sums up in a series of objectives. More 'creative autonomy', going down from the studio to bars and venues, revitalizing the value of the live performance and reconnecting with the audience.

In Band 4 all the clasic band format of four members is confirmed, fully oriented to the live performance. Bosco admits that he ended up “tired” of his time as a soloist and of messing up with guitar and effects programmings. “I was starting to need already a powerful band behind which rocked”. Its members are Javier “Trovador Gargamel”- a guy who, when playing the guitar, “doesn't get entangled in overrides and needs very little to sound spectacular”- Celia “Nube Semidifusa”- whom he discovered in a concert of El Circo de La Palabra Itinerante playing the bass “as a soloist with arrangements and melodies in a way I'd never seen before”- and Marcos- drummer experienced in fusion and jazz who brings in “madness and abandon, something which programming can never offer when playing live”- aside from Bosco himself.


Bosco emphasizes the concept of power, referring to the intensity of the song and the epic tone of the message. “Caminando is danceable from top to bottom, but achieves that urgent issue”. Urgency and epic to refer to a current moment which portrays the necessities of the band and the social and current climate and which we find in other songs like Creyente. “Without too much intention I think this has been our most indie song”, explains Bosco, placing the emphasis in recreating atmospheres and generating energy. For this, they  have decided to center in songs of a moderate length, three minutes tops, to try and escape from self-satisfaction and 'self-imposed melancholy', one of those syntomatic problems of the musical scene, especially national indie. Something which, according to Bosco, is fixed by 'slapping oneself' and doing an exercise of freedom without renouncing to his discourse.

“What I have is the need of writing songs, getting onstage and performing them”. An exercise which is difficult for a band whose members live scattered, each in one corner. Despite the physical barriers, BtheFake shows promise of giving a new turn of the screw, with new songs and a re-edition of the music video of Presidente, another one of those past songs which finds again spirit and topicality.

“I believe that rock should mean something dangerous again”, states Bosco “El Farsante” convinced.