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Ravages undergo metamorphosis

Ravages is made up of Simon Beaudoux and Martin Chourrout, known for being members of the successful indie-pop band Exsonvaldes. In this new project they explore the paths of new electronic music, post punk and French pop song. As a mix of LCD Soundsystem, Serge Gainsbourg and New Order. With complex melodic patterns combined with analog effects and humanistic lyrics they tackle the complicated modern times.

Science fiction fans (his name, Ravages, comes from a novel by the French author René Barjavel), influenced by utopian architecture, modern pop music and his scientific profiles (Martin is an engineer and Simon has a master's degree in artificial intelligence), these two Parisians have accompanied their song Métamorphoses with a video directed by the renowned filmmaker Jérémy Vissio. When it was shot, before the arrival of the current pandemic, they could not imagine that the situation of social alarm portrayed in it would become a reality.