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The Big Sur of Quentin Gas & Los Zíngaros

Quentin Gas &Los Zíngaros are publicising their new album Big South. A mixture that explore the flamenco’s andalucian rootes and mix them with the most psychedelic rock.

The need of experimentation: that is the origin of Quentin Gas &Los Zíngaros. Quentin Gas was born in a family of sevillian artists and since he was a little child he has been under the influence of the flamenco music. Rock and flamenco music flow through his veins. His band The News has been going over concert halls for 10 years and playing rock with English and American style of the 60’s.

Quentin Gas &Los Zíngaros is very different. A bet, a new thing, a new way of creating, of feeling, an answer to the need of experimentation. Jorge Mesa playing the drums, Jose Vaquerizo plays the keys and Quentin Gas leading the voice and the guitar; in their group rock and and flamenco music are part of the same thing. They are interweaved between them. But this is explained in a better way by Quentin Gas:

How was the idea of mixing rock and flamenco music born?

It was born by chance, causality and the need of experimenting. The News was born 10 years ago, we compose our songs under the influence of the American and English groups, but is time for trying new ways. It was easy for me since I come from a family of artists. It is a return to my roots without stop being who I am.

Which is the common denominator between your old songs and the new ones of your new record?

The record follows that dynamics, unalike songs, rock folk and pure flamenco music. I think that I am the common denominator, I mean, my voice, my way of expressing a song.

Big Sur is a devised album, like a trip, or that is what your web says, which part of the south is the destiny of this trip?

The destiny is Sevilla, the place where I come from, the city where I grew up and become musician. Lebrija is another destiny, my family’s town and the place where I made this record.

How did the advance of your record work?

Well,at least for now; people have given very good critiques. Either from the media like Angel Carmona from “Hoy empieza todo”, or people who tell me in the streetor by the networks. And then there are two people who are very interested in this project: Jose Gallardo, manager from Madrid and Tali Carreto (Monkey Week).

How is the schedule of concerts for this year?

To a very busy schedule I hope (laughs). And there are many planned dates but I cannot reveal anything. The manager would tell off me.


The Vargas family takes part in the group’s music with the guitars, the palms, the folk singing and the dancing, do they do in the concerts? How are the live concerts of Quentin Gas and Los Zingaros?

The band is formed by Jorge Mesa playing the drums, Jose Vaquerizo plays the keys and me leading the voice and the guitar. In special ocassions my family join us, mi brother Curro Vargas plays the flamenco guitar and my sister Carmen Vargas singing flamenco. And in exceptional ocassions, my mother Concha Vargas dances. It is a race concert, a mixture of psychedelic rock and flamenco music. I’m sorry for the poor explanation, you should come and see it.

What kind of reception has your non conventional music received within the traditional flamenco?

Up to now it has been received very well, nobody has gotten angry. I think that if you do things with respect and give the correct name to what I do, nobody can reproach anything. For example, Jose Valencia (Giraldillo del cante) likes my work. And some flamenco artists as Kiko Veneno, Martirio and Cathy Claret love the project.

The section FLAMONKEY is an opportunity to set the flamenco music closer to the new public, what kind of role does Quentin Gas & Los Zíngaros execute in this point?

It was a pleasure and a honor be selected for this excelent initiative within the Monkey Week. We do our bit to help in this big desert of projects that have been celebrated lately, the experimentation with the flamenco music seems to be in fashion, if it was not before, and that is a motive for celebration since the flamenco is a very rich and enriching music and I’m proud of setting it closer to people that are not experts.

Are there many groups that experiment with flamenco music in Spain?

There are plenty of them, from the classics of Kiko Veneno, Martirio…to artists as Grupos de Expertos de Sol y Nieve, Fuel Fandango, Soleá Morente and my favourite Niño de Elche.

How do you say to a potential listener that he/she has to deal with your music?

Just be swept alone, he/she has to quit the musical and cultural prejudices, to embrace the flamenco music while he/she kisses the psychedelic rock.