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Prussian conquests from Córdoba

Carrying on with the music loving acts of its 30th anniversary, the Poplacara family teamed up once again helping out with La abuela rock to savor one of the most promising national indie delicatessens which keep making greater strides every day: The Prussians, from Mallorca, excellent bunch of kids and of verified great talents.

In a memorable gig which did not lack anything at all, Dominic, Gabriel, Jorge, Tino and Ferchu loosened up little by little during a contagious effervescent crescendo to prove and use up all of their good deeds and intensity.

Employing a very efficient set list (a very surfer Anglo-Australian version and gift of a new composition included), the great islander band went through their successful and brilliant full length album debut to continue flashing the night with guitar and pedal extensions at the level of bands as big as their attractive influences.


Great songs such as The place, Last call (what a great pleasure, feeling its hips-breaker change of rhythm and its demolishing ascent live and direct), Games or A stone satisfied sounds and consolidated the revelry. One of the grand moments of the night was that during which their front man, a la new vibe of El Columpio Asesino, played the penultimate song (the tremendous final trick was still to come) giving it all with the drumsticks.

Comparing myself to Keith Richards, I have not been at so many concerts, but I cannot complain. It is not a cliché and those of us who had the privilege, know it: The Prussians were in their element and more comfortable than ever.


On just a few occasions do you see such an ensemble, so at easy and receptive on the boards. And off them: as the show moved forward they progressively came down the stage and blended in with the audience, the Prussian guitar triptych enjoyed jumping and dancing with the first and all rows, they very much felt like having fun and all expectations were surpassed. Such were the demanding atmosphere and sound breeding ground that, sweet and surprising, they pulled off a legendary encore, travelling through a great extra piece where, little by little, instruments kept adding to the show, pure party.

Mul mul and its creators are screaming for chances to kick ass at festivals. The contexts could not be more given to it. The Andalucian spirit surfed every millimeter and the Prussian performance is now part of the historic music elite of the city and the extensive surroundings of such beautiful southern lands. Simply, THANK YOU guys, keep creating and kicking ass, relishing your well-deserved emotions and acknowledgement as if there was no tomorrow.

Place: La abuela rock

City: Montilla (Córdoba)

Date: Saturday, January 31, 2015