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Personal Sophistication

The British Wild Beasts visited the Apolo concert venue in Barcelona to present their fourth and recent album Present Tense (Domino Records, 2014), shying away once more from the easy hit, with their dark pop of post-punk reminiscences and their new wave loaded with political content. Proving their good live skills, satisfying deep pop fans with electronic elements (Bjork, Portishead, XX…) and making it clear why they are one of the bands in the islands at the moment. Although the attendance in Barcelona was scarce, the followers who did meet there, enjoyed every note of the concert.

Wild Beasts is a band with four albums under their belt, with ups and downs as far as criticism is concerned, but they proved with each one of them that they were here to stay, and thus time has ended up proving them right. At the beginning of 2014, their fourth studio album arrived with the compact and rich Present Tense. An album of very good manners which has consolidated the sound of Wild Beasts with Hayden Thorpe’s peculiar voice in the lead, their sharp guitars and their synthetic landscapes.

Their previous releases which had already gained success are Limbo-Panto (2008), Two Dancers (2009), which was nominated in 2010 for the Mercury Prize, and Smother (2011), which won the London Award for Art and Performance. And despite the fact that their proposal does neither conform to the standard of the most popular and commercial music, nor there is an intention of releasing any hit, they have been described as one of the next promises of British indie.

Translation by Irene Soto.