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Perfect combinations

For this very holy Friday, the most powerful chained events met up onstage thanks to the succession of a luxury sound clover which jumped into glorious instants and very pro implementations.

After Dorian’s appearance, festooned and with auto-tribute and congratulating visual effects, the turn for the best pro-Anglo indie rock would come, from the hands of L.A., a band that grows stronger after every performance.

The island quintet, whose limpid execution moved people from beginning to end, started by opening with the dual After all, to which the linked their modern and delicate Secrets undone, a piece that had a brilliant climb thanks to its 4-guitars journey. For the perfect Dualize, Luis Alberto reached for his dear Rickenbacker. Their 2009 vintage hymn, Perfect combination, was present as well of course. And to enjoy with the most karaoke-like and heartfelt moment of the Anglo-sonic encounters in the second phase, the very juicy and addictive Rebel was also present.

Almost with no time to relish the ending of the Balearics, Mucho would take on the next shift, another great band with the skin of a bull and deserving of the biggest arenas, tireless titans of cosmic and sidereal rock. On the other stage the thing wasn’t going to go south, by no means.

Merging with the post-cosmic character of the quixotic Perarnau Martí and his guys, they showed off once more with their romance-paladin rhythm, attitudinal and melodic through apocalyptic grand songs such as the technocratic La larga risa del emperador, Como si no hubiera mañana, the indestructible Más feliz sin televisión, the cult from the first play, La primera luz del día and/or Sal de la tierra. The quartet from La Mancha signed, with quadruple keyboards, with solvency at the drums and imperial guitars, a great and sundry gig, reinforced by the inter-song loquacity of their front man to never stop winning followers, and very deservedly.


Back in the Desperados and with the last sfumatos from Mucho, the very correct and packed León Benavente nailed it again encapsulating their exclusive repertoire with another performance that all the way pleased the crowd, closing with their gigantic Ser brigada, with that so very surrounding and rooted intro that blows out into bursts of pleasure in the exact moment.

As a great preliminary to a show by the most popular band from the whole of Jaén and many parts of the fortunate Andalucías, on the cute stage «maestro», Neuman took the floor and the mic, who with intimacy and powerful Anglo sounds offered ideal tempos to inaugurate the midnight at Gandía.

Doing justice to all their expectation and agglomeration of fans, Supersubmarina went on flowing into the night using Samurái as the initial cut to define once more their excellent sublimated power pop. Stands out their very nice detail of doing their encore with an irresistible trident of songs carried out by Viento de cara, which merging with Algo que sirva como luz would end up shaking hands with Santa Cruz En mis venas.

Nonetheless, one more final bomb was to come, the visceral Cientocero. Ultimately, non-stop pro and post-teenage bawling and chanting from the audience for a band that, at all times, connected successfully with them.

sansan Dorian

To close the circle of great bands of the Fri-Saturday, the cryptic-sweet shakes of El Columpio Asesino connecting with the delicious and electro-psychedelic guise of Los Pilotos, turned into a diabolically irresistible cocktail of sounds.

Those from Pamplona unfolded little by little through their colossal Ballenas muertas en San Sebastián without giving up past celebrated codas such as the most demanded and most followed majestic song of the early morning, Toro, which exploded in the atmosphere and imploded inside each party soul in the venue. The rounding off by Íñigo Sola with his trumpet completed again a melodic offer at the level of just a few, and which keeps harvesting meritable prizes also at the other side of the pond.

Elyella djs would take the baton on top of the same boards but before it was pending to savor the filoplaneteros frames. In the case of the legendary Florent and Banin I must remark they surfed bluntly and with no bootlicking through the most distinguished songs from their two full lengths, once more making the whole crowd certainly enjoy with the precious expansions of their biggest hit triplet: Cero en blanco, Vuelo rasante con ametralladora and Longitud de onda 585nm. The last swaying and playing around by the best lead guitarist from Granada of all times galloping his Fender are still burned on the retinas of many, for sure on that of a congratulated admirer who is ending these lines.

Festival: Sansan

City: Gandía

Place: Wonderwall music resort

Second day: Friday, 3rd of April, 2015