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One step forward

Un pas, i neu, i un pas is the new album by Anna Roig i l'ombre de ton chien. The Catalonian band premiered it this last September at the Mercat de Música Viva de Vic and they are currently on tour. We were lucky that we could attend when they stopped in Barcelona, at the Auditori venue this last January.

On the stage, lines mark her way, guiding every single emotion and feeling, not just in the lyrics of her songs but in every gesture and every pose, as a doll in a music box turning spinning around the stage. Scenography is important, because art exist to be mixed with more art, theater and music to carry out a special concert. Just as Anna Roig told us while we had the chance to chat with her, the scenography and staging are part of her personality, she says: “ever since we began I have never known how to disassociate interpreting a song from its staging, when I sing I would not know how to just be looking somewhere else and that’s it. Since we started doing covers of canción francesa, we have always included atheatrical component, and it is part of our mood. We do not want to go onstage and play the album from beginning to end, but to offer something special, a life experience. We have also transferred that to every area, not just to the shows but also to the music videos, the albums’ designs… We want for everything to be a work of art, beyond the songs.”


Her live performance is full of looks of complicity and it does not matter whether they are at an auditorium’s stage or at a theater, or at a more intimate space, if they want to sit on the floor as if they were in front of a bonfire to sing some of their songs, they just do it. And they manage to get the audience inside their pockets. And the thing is that in this last album she has completely opened up to explain things that happen to her, things that surely more than one of us will feel identified with, things that happen in life, leaving the hiding behind characters in the past, Anna Roig is herself inUn pas, i neu i un pas.A natural evolution, just as she remarks herself: “we have been doing it all in a row since 2009 when we released our first album, touring, our second album… until there was a moment when we said, we have to stop for a bit, and consider where it is that we want to go next. I took advantage of this moment of rest to do other projects. I went to France, and I also thought about how I wanted to continue to write, and little by little through different experiences that progressively happened, the lyrics just came out like that, direct, without filters or characters.”


And the thing is that the artist is that person that just with one simple sentence gives you the goose bumps all through your spine, and Anna accomplishes that, particularly in the song Jo voldria saber si els ocells.

“Jo voldria saber si els ocells

també moren de vells.

Jo voldria saber cap on van

quan ja es van apagant.”

We like them because they are a band of the kind that can fill an auditorium with more than 500 people, thanks to their well-done ant work, step by step. And like this more introspective and subtle path they have chosen. We like that ability to exude every feeling: sweetness, bitterness, joy… all of those things their new songs talk about.