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On the crest of the wave

No matter if it is a concert venue, a festival, acoustic or whatever it takes. A show of the great band from Barcelona is a dart show into the core of the love for music.

Since they released their once again brilliant and ground-breaking album, they have not stopped gig after gig. The band has been perfectly greased for years now but even so, this past 2014 they seem to be in a more brutal moment, widening their sound palette, reinventing themselves but without giving up a personality which makes them be what they are, one of the best alternative bands, nationally —and wherever— of all times. While reading this, you might think it is exaggerated, but you only have to stop and go over their trajectory, their solid versatility and the demand they produce.

The thorough season Pop and dance chose the theater Joy Eslava for the occasion, which once again dress up for the announced program of great gifts from La Sierra and Canada that were to come. Marc navigating the binge, Axel passionate and plethoric again with the drums, Jes, as usual, giving it all to cheer up the riotous gathering, the smiling Edu brilliant with the keyboards and Marcel very participative and right.

Dedication, freshness, frontality, fun. An exquisite setlist, “a selection set for delirium, exaltation and communion. Those who play psychedelia, rock or electro will make the audience enjoy, there are people who know what they came into the world for and Sidonie are one of them and relishing every minute of it” (Yeray S. Iborra).

Playing every genre, they gave guitar and keyboard action with brush-strokes of all their magnum and juicy work by means of more than 20 songs.

Opening with the very attractive Sierra y Canadá (historia de amor asincrónico), for the first part from their bouquet sound they unfolded the blue-coast anthems Persona and Costa azul, the eternal and fluid A mil años luz —generational psychedelic flag, I do not get tired of enjoying it— and El bosque, and the daliesque Fascinado. Along with Feeling down, they shipped us into preterite and magnificent journeys and towards Moog and Varanasi —with Jes’ most intense moments projecting a surrounding atmospheric intimacy with his sitar—, without forgetting to delight us with a legendary triptych based on the “rogue, sexual and dirty sound” (D. D.) of the elegant Gainsbourg, the visionary and very acid Yo soy la crema and Un día de mierda, radiant ode to everyday misfortunes to which is impossible not to join and which makes you feel better through every bit of chanting.

Marc started the encore facing us with courage and grace, using a ukulele for El mismo destello. Right after he plunged, proud and determined, into the magic Giraluna.

For the final triplet after the pause, they took on La sombra, Nuestro baile del viernes and Estáis aquí, which with its cosmic finish completed an unstoppable rise and one more tremendous gig.

From Canada to California. After getting lost in the darkness behind the scenes, This is the end by The Doors sealed another sonic milestone that leaves you longing for more and that will have its capital continuation the next March, 27.

De Canadà a Califòrnia. Després de perdre'ns en la foscor cap a les bambolines al This is the end dels Doors segellaven una altra fita sonora que deixa amb ganes de més i que tindrà la seva continuació a la capital el pròxim 27 de març.