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Not a single minute without music

Four capsules focused our particular musical celebration of the European Day of Music, hosted by Fnac and under the slogan "Not a minute without music".The Strangers, Genérica, Turmalina and BtheFake converge genres on a acoustic setting, newfangled and not without challenges.

Officially is not the city of lights despite absorbing a fair amount of sunlight at the beginning of a new and typical summer. Neither the city of love, but "to make love right" you has to "go to the south". But in music, Seville boasts a well-earned gold medal as the world capital of music, either by traditions, infrastructure and so on. Outside officialdom, the street always breathes music, outside the closed circuits of theaters and complete appraisals, being legion those who from humble studies, your friend's house, suburban bar or a humble corner of the main commercial Sierpes street, exploit and question constantly spreading and promoting selfless work that comes our stakeholders ears. What could be a simple pastime, a leisure in which consume much of your time or money it ends up turning into a habit; even more: a way of life that transcends the everyday and delves into timelessness. "Ni un minuto sin música ("Not a minute without music") is the slogan chosen by Fnac to host, in different Spanish cities, a marathoner open house, opened up to innovation and novices or veterans who carry on their guitars the pulse of the city. "Do not stop the music!" It would be the rallying cry for summarizing 11 hours in length, ranging in variety and intensity by the inability to maintain a fixed ungodly hour as the noonday audience.


At the edge of darkness

And we were amazed at the presentation of his debut album # 1 with an intense and full of atmosphere and instruments choking cry of pure sound. A journey through their notorious singles Up and Down and The Way you are alternated with a string of new issues such as Femme Fatale, Glasstone, Fortunes Wheel or Cobarde (Coward), ending theme. A lightweight set of two guitars generated a smoother overall performance, with a sighting that already excels in the balancing act between the metal and industrial darker aspects and strong rhythms, even taking into account a limited format in which you could not give absolute rein to garage tribulations. Around a curious version of the dance song Blue with his "Dabadee" may well fit into a rocker chorus.

Genérica adds color to the palette

Intense emotions, chanted melodies and various shirt prints. A growing public greeted the wordiness and messages full of meaning in the mouth of Rafael Pachón. Songs that go way of imposing pace and accurate phrases such as Gran Manzana, Laberinto, and Voodoo, while Corona de espinas and Luces de Neón made public unitholders and Lori Meyers reminded that “paparapapá-pa” chanting. A tribute to mark the passage of the group by Granada, with a slight stop in the mood (the chronicle of some Guardias Civiles determined to register  the van of  the group before raching Valencia) and a tribute more to Fran Montano, of Bittersweet, which gave Los Cuervos. El Despido gave the lace to the strumming of the group gave prominence to a devoted audience one last time.


Turmalina: magic theorem "Woman tool."

Descending to the Pop universe, Tourmaline gave rein to his strings (Paul Donato and Alberto Santana), keys and other gear (in the hands of Fran Rosado). Todo o nada was a bold gamble on rich keyboards and electromagnetic pulses which intensified at large-scale on Hasta cuando pararán los pulsos. A base that was used to enhance the already impressive voice of Angeles Jimenez, with a broad vocal range (and skills with a good variety of instruments) in each of the subsequent stops: Epicentro, Infinito real, Fuego en las ruinas  and a symphonic and almost tragic Muro de Berlin. The firm commitment by the dancing, was somewhat tempered by the scorching midday, but showed signs of strain that ended up giving contrast to the compressed epics of Glaciares.

Re-editing and irony contained

Back to the plain of the scenarios, BtheFake Bosco again stand as in many other occasions, guitar in hand, alone to face the threat. From the bare simplicity that an acoustic guitar can support the re-release of some of their songs sounded very different to what in his records you can tell of Re and one (more) slower Cuántico.

Without artifice of study, rather than letters are gestures, theater that shows that those leaders and/or illuminated from Creyente, dramatic stories like Plácido illustrious personage, hangovers and desires as Bienestar, Adiós, Bajón...and punishment, on Presidente, for those Dalton Brothers, hispanic and contemporary, which govern our impoverished villas. It was the culmination of a better day could have been repeated in a continuous splice from monday to munday. Or what it is the same: do not pass a single day, even not a single minute without music.