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Not a minute without music

The 20th of June is World Music Dayand Poplacara wants to make a contribution to this wonderful day. Working together with Fnac Seville, we will offer you a series of concerts with which we’ll make sure that there’s not a minute without music on this day.

It is a day to honour all the musicians and styles that we all enjoy and share, in the sense that we share a common feeling through music.

Fnac Seville and Poplacara will bring to the stage – with 12 hours of live music – Generica, The Strangers, Turmalina, Bthefake on precisely this 20th of June. The event will start at 12 o’clock on the premises of Fnac Seville, Avenida de la Constitución 8.

Generica is a Sevillan alternative rock band. At the moment, it is made up of Rafael Pachón (vocals and guitar), Alejandro Vigil (guitar and keyboard), Iñigo Pérez-Perea “Mike” (bass) and Álvaro Rodríguez Sánchez (drums). The band was founded at the end of 2011, when Rafael and Alejandro decided to start composing and recording songstogether. Later, Álvaro and Iñigo joined the group. After having played more than 20 concerts all over Andalusia, being played on Radio 3 and performing at numerous festivals, they were chosen to be a part of the line-up of the Alhambra Sound 2014, where they shared the stage with artists of distinction like VetustaMorla, Lori Meyers, Izal and Second. Currently, they are presenting EviteMorir de Rabia.

The Strangers will present their debut album #1, with which they tiptoe between light and darkness, between soft melodies and powerful riffs. A good example of this is given in their first single The Way You Are. The album #1 was emphasised as being one of the best national discs of 2014 by the specialised websites. The band from Huelva mixes the force of stoner with garage rock, proving to be dark-light in every single one of their songs, a light that is filtered between the darkness of the notes, softness and power.


Turmalinais a band that was born in the distance between two cities, Cádiz and Seville. A band that was only recently founded but with a long history and a lot of experience on the part of its members, Ángeles Jiménez (vocals, guitar), Jorge Mesa (drums), Pablo DonatoPablos (guitar, choirs), Fran Rosado (keyboard) and Alberto Santana (bass, choirs). The songs of Turmalina are a combination of cautious pop melodies written in Spanish and metaphorical and reminiscing lyrics, which draw on an electrified sound that is characterised by the power of the basses. Sometimes, it is close to rock, but always from the alternative point of view, they condense intensity and melodrama in equal parts.

Bthefake is the musical project of Bosco Valero, the guitar player of Los Farsantes and Nadiuska. A composer with a message (sometimes charged with irony) and now also an interpreter, Bosco moves between the indietronic of his solo recordings, the live garage rock with band and a more intimistic and rough format with which he defends his solo repertoire with acoustic guitar and vocals. Currently, they are presenting Band 4 All, four songs with a naked production, without even concessions for the studio. A revision of the material of previous jobs, adapted to the urgency of the time and its vertiginous discourse. Songs of short duration in homage to the social movements and a criticism of the consumerist avant-garde.