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No more Coca Cola

No, no more Coca Cola. Impossible not to change sides after dancing to the rhythm of Saint Pepsi’s songs. At the beginning of his European tour he offered a devoted session based on his own hits –or at least they are potentially–, as well as on remixes –from One More Time to Call Me Maybe– which perfectly suited the agitated mixture of styles that form his music.

With barely one full-length, the fun Hit Vibes, released on 2013, and a good bunch of EPs, it is clear that Ryan DeRobertis does not lack songs, much less ideas. His session started in a chaotic way, Miqui Brightside had not yet finished packing the session which had warmed up the room, when the first sounds by Saint Pepsi could be heard, holding his laptop with one hand while he started play among the controls with the other, he didn’t stop moving.

And thus the whole session went on, he was completely dedicated, chanting the lyrics of his songs and giving new structures to them, without these ever losing the goal of making such a devoted room dance, as devoted as the producer himself.

There is something about his music that reminds you of a mixture of Girl Talk and The Avalanches, but from a more pop and disco perspective. His songs are constructed based on other previous songs, let us take his infallible Better as an example, result of bringing The Whispers and James Brown together. This mash-up technique is not his only ability, as he proved in the final stages of the night, during which, with the microphone in his hand, sang two songs. One of them Fiona Coyne, a song that surprised the producer himself when he saw how the room was shouting out that so very catchy chorus. He is in that more techno-pop period and that in which the song has a bigger potential to grow without limits. A memorable night that left a very clear sentence on the tip of everyone’s tongues: “It’s Saint Pepsi, bitch...”