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Nixon Interview

Not long ago we presented to you Nixon in Poplacara. Today, they launch a crowdfunding campaign because, after their debut with their first EP Alter ego, the band is about to record what will be their first LP, and we want to know more about it. To do so, we have Alex, singer of the band, to whom we ask a series of questions in order to know more about their next LP.

Let's start at the beginning. Did you expect such a good welcome to your first release, Alter ego? Do you expect the same of your next work?

We have been the first ones surprised by the great acceptance of our presentation EP. We have tried to showcase it all along Spain and the truth is we can't complain. Wherever we've gone, it has worked very well and they have treated us fantastically. For our next work, we expect that this injection of morale will help us believe that we are the music of many people.

You recently finished your Alter ego tour, as the opening band for Niños Mutantes. What has this brought to you as a band? Could it be said that it has also brought something to you at a personal level?

Maybe at the beginning of the tour we were a bit nervious since we had just recorded the album and we didn't know how to carry our songs into the live performance. Concert by concert we have managed to evolve in what concerns the capture of our essence onstage and the final result has been magnificent. At a personal level, sharing a van, hotel and thousands of adventures has brought us a lot closer as a band; moreover, we have always had time to screw around with each other in sound testing, hotel showers, gas stops, etc.

Is it possible that the great acceptance of Alter ego may have motivated you to lock yourselves up in the studio so soon for the recording of the LP?

Yes, we have been so motivated that we couldn't waste the inertia which came from presenting our EP.

Not all the members of the band are in Almeria. The fact of being scattered between Madrid and Almeria... How does it affect your common project?

Well, we always try to have good democracy help us find a common point between Madrid and Almeria; we divide the rehearsals between both cities, which makes us be more centered since we work individually until we join those tiny pieces at the rehearsal.



Currently, you are deep into your new work, in which you once again have Emilio Mercader as the producer. Could you tell us what is it that we're going to find?

We have come back to Emilio because he knows us as if he were our father, that feeling between producer and band is very important when it comes to express our ideas. Perhaps in this new work we'll find a less known side of the band without renouncing to our identity.

Is this change of sound due to something? Is it perhaps a search for an identity, or curiosity to innovate?

We want to believe that this change of sound comes from this year of craziness in our lives, the live repertoire didn't change from night to night, but the way of playing and performing the songs did. The songs of the new album have been made between concert and concert, working in a way quite different from the previous one, paying attention to a style we were eager to bring to light.

Which are the influences of the band, can we find similitudes with any other band?

We could be influenced by bands like Radiohead, Interpol, or British music from the 90s.

When (approximatedly) can we enjoy your first LP?

If we manage to be on time with the production dates it's very probable that by the end of September we could publish the album, we don't want to rush it and we are taking care of every little detail.

We know that there is a crowdfunding campaign planned for the funding of this new album. What contributions can we make with this campaign?

Nowadays, the support we have from our followers, whom we consider our family, is very important and valuable. When crowdfunding, we have thought that in the current situation we can' ask more than what we could offer, so we'll start with a digital download with extra songs, and we'll follow with a vynil with a book of photos from the tour, a private concert just for sponsors, having access to all of the concerts of the tour, and for those who can't live without Nixon they will be able to have us in their living room.