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Happy Robots Records has announced that they will release Fax Message Breakup, the new five-track EP from Rodney Cromwell. Rodney Cromwell is the nom-de-plume of Adam Cresswell, founding member of indie-folktronica band Saloon and one half of acclaimed electronic two piece Arthur & Martha. Although the EP's title itself was inspired by Phil Collins’ infamous split with his second wife, you won't find any of the vapid over-produced bombast of Collins’ work in Cromwell’s lo-fi disco lament. Fax Message Breakup has become a fan favourite, having resonated with many.

In a miserable year that has seen the passing of loved musical artists, disruption and political upheavals, the melancholia of Fax Message Breakup is very much of the zeitgeist; a paean to despair and defeat with an incessant disco beat. With the inherent nihilism of its chorus “I can’t do this anymore, I don’t know what it’s for” it is perhaps the perfect soundtrack for 2016. The EP also features four exclusive remixes. Fax Message Breakup is remixed by Hologram Teen (ex-Stereolab synth-wizardess Morgane Lhote) who brings her glitchy motorik disco sound to the party and by regular collaborator AUW, who stretches the title track into something akin to a dark Depeche Mode synth epic.

Fax Message Breakup features Alice Hubley (Arthur & Martha, Cosines) on additional synth and Richard Salt (Controllers) on guitar. The video is produced by Dariy Karyakin and features Alisa Karsova.

The EP will be available for digital download on November 11, 2016. The album Age of Anxiety is out now on CD and digitally. Both are released by Happy Robots Records and distributed by Cargo Records.