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New video of Love in cage

New video of Love in cage. It is extracted from the second album " Mirage post-horizon " which is out in June on the label Trinity Records in vinyl.

Love in cage was started  in July 2008 , the band is composed : Isthmaël singer, photographer and lyrics in Love in cage (sings in a other band Junkies sex dreams and composes and his monocephalic project Morphoex),  Alexis aka Dorian is the composer of the music of Love in cage guitarist, bassist and keyboards (ex Cristal palace)  Marielle is the female bassist (ex Poseurs).

Love in cage is based in Rouen who is a medieval city. The french writer Stendal said : “ Rouen is the city of the  gothic architecture that Athens is to the antic architecture”.

Rouen became a paradoxical city cut in two by the river the Seine: there is a poor and industrial left bank and a rich right bank and Hausmanian architecture.

The band is born of this paradox, of this underground culture.“We like factories and the churches”

Love in cage is a synthetic reflexion of our digitalised world. A concept on our cold years.

The image is very important : Expose an ice organic universe, to introduce by the photography an urban vegetal idea.