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New assault of the Smoggers primitive sound

The new LP of Smoggers ‘Shadow in my mind’ promises a new foray into the garagepunk universe, emphasizing the sound we had already getting used to the band but more profusely if possible, from the beginning of their wanderings back in 2008 and last ‘Join The Riot’ of 2013. Probably, “the most dirty-sounding garage-record they have put out so far”.

‘Shadow in my mind’ returns to 80 and immerses us from a first look at its cover, a tribute to the underground aesthetics, which is based on a heavy fuzzguitar, a frantic organ and screeching vocals. A grimoire composed of eleven songs of own composition as well as two classic covers tribute to The Gruesomes (‘Dementia 13’) and Lust-O-Rama ‘Why’. Also, in the album are constant invocations of the dark international garagepunk scene, with reminiscenses to The Moonstones in ‘Es por ti’ or the Primates in ‘Cavegirls like your taste’ and ‘Unknow Song’.