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Neovulcanisms For The Youth

In a legendary spring double dragon Juventud Juché opened with their electrifying pronoise dipped in sweet fury. Vocal skids, dizzy guitars and deep drums were sprinkled with garage punk in a brilliant gig. The 3-piece band closed with Defensa, a perfect tune to be sung a cappella, getting carried away by the sound of guitar and drums.

Nueva Vulcano are plainly a kick to mediocrity. The Barcelona-based combo offered us a splendid performance they enjoyed quite a lot— needless to say, we enjoyed it as much as them or even more. Reinforced with a second drummer they started off with the exquisite Novelería, El mirlo and continued with Hasta la boya y volver and 80% agua. Opening a second phase in the first half of their great appearance they kept on with the colorful Amor moderno, coming back to the present for a moment with Rabindranath.

Nueva vulcano Cabecera.jpg

After a playful spoken introduction by frontman Artur they gave way to the thrilling Hemos hecho cosas— Vulcano-ish tune perfect to be displayed on short distances on stage.

Not even for a second did they disappoint us. Next came Todo por el bien común, Dulce y ácida and Te debo un baile, making up a perfect setlist.

We missed the tremendous final detail of the band (almost) vanishing to come back later. Still, La jota sounded magnificent, delighting all those present before the second strike.

During the encore the entropic El día de mañana finally led to the cataclysm of pogo and progrunge events that arose from quite an adequate breeding ground.

In conclusion, it was a collection of perfect songs for their genre set in an almost magic context— a venue crowded with fans of a band which is now at its best.