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Myles Sanko and his new álbum

Myles Sanko, British singer, presents his new single ‘Rainbows in your cloud’ and talks about his new album "Memories of love" that is on its way. He tells us how his love for music and his plans for his career are emerging. 

How did you get into the music industry? What was your motivation?

I fell in love with music by chance. When I was 13 years old, a class mate brought a very cool Walkman to school and played me a song that got me thinking "man I wanna do that" and from that day on I just had it in my head that I wanted to be a musician. 

Which are your musical influences?

When I was younger most of my musical inspiration came from hip-hop in the form of: A Tribe Called Quest, Gang Starr, De La Soul, Rakim through to NAS, 2 Pac, The Roots and many more. Hip-hop is part of the natural progression of black American music which includes Fuck, Soul, Jazz and Blues. I am influence by life and I choose to translate it into Soul and Jazz. 


You write your own song and also you make your music videos, you do it by yourself or is there also a team behind?  It has been difficult for you?

Yes I write my lyrics, compose my music, produce my albums, design my album art, shoot my music videos and edit them. I am foremost a creative person and music allows me to apply my creativity in all areas. I do have a team (a family) around me that help me along my musical journey and to bring my dreams to reality. Yes it can be difficult at times but thats a good challenge, and the wonderful thing of all is that my fans get a piece of me in everything. 

How was the release of your new single ‘Rainbow in your cloud’? Can you tell us something about the other tracks of the new album ‘Memories of love’?

I am totally blown away on how much love ‘Rainbow in your Cloud’ is receiving. It is truly wonderful to see people connect to it and get the message, especially in these troubling times. All the other tracks on the new album are amazing of course...hahaha!

This album is my most personal album yet, each song is a memory of love, a story of love, good or bad, happy or sad. Love is not always as we picture it in fairy tales but a work in progress for as long as we choose to love. Over the years I have written love songs and most of them have some reality in them but also a lot of fiction. Maybe this was because I wasn't truly ready to share that part of me in a way that I am defiantly more comfortable doing now. I'd say becoming a father has changed my outlook and made me a little more brave and accepting of myself. 



Which song would you never stop singing?


Ask me this questions when I've recorded my planned 15 albums! This is a difficult question because I love all my songs, they become even more powerful at different points in my life so choosing is almost impossible. However my first single from the new album ‘Freedom Is You’ will be a good choice for today. 

Is there any artist in particular that you would like to collaborate with? Is there any collaboration in the new album?

Unfortunately there are no collaborations on this new album but maybe the next I could bring together all my musician friends to create something special for my fans. A singer I would love to collaborate with is Lianne La Havas as I love her voice so much. I believe we can come up with a beautiful song together! 

What would you be doing right now, if it wasn't for your music career?

I'll just be doing something creative no matter what it is!

Tell me about your future projects.

Well as I said I plan to record 15 albums before I retire so this album is only number 5 and really the beginning of my creative journey.