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Morrissey wins Madrid (over)

Morrissey's visits to Spain can be counted, literally, on the fingers of one hand. That is why when he announced he would be coming to Madrid and Barcelona to present World Peace is None of Your Business, it didn't seem entirely certain, given the ease with which the singer cancels his concerts.

Without a guest band, the updated venue, El Palacio de los Deportes, awaited a blank screen. The guests were no others than the video clips by the Ramones, Nico, New York Dolls, a poem and even a compilation of bulls charging at toreros (bullfighters) while The Bullfighter Dies, from his last album, was playing, quite similar to a piece of the Sevillian María Cañas. After that, the curtain drops and The Queen Is Dead starts to play, with a Morrissey comb for the Queen of England included. Something that starts this ways cannot end badly.

The singer's tenth solo album has gone more unnoticed than it deserves, especially after listening to those songs live. Morrissey's performance, thanks to a band which was, as always, powerful and reliable, gives more guts to songs like I’m Not a Man, which proves to be much more than just that long song which comes up too soon in the album. Furthermore, songs like Kiss Me a Lot sound like one of those so very characteristic anthems by the exSmiths, which were also heard there.  

It was not a greatest hits show, although Everyday is Like Sunday, Certain People I Know or You Have Killed Me were played throughout the hour and a half the concert lasted, during which the singer didn't cease to come close to the edge of the stage to shake hands with fans at th first row. He also brought back some pearls from his discography, unfairly forgotten: Speedway, Trouble Loves Me or Disappointed, all of them unexpected and belonging to Morrissey's sharpest and most raging facet.

Besides the opening with The Queen Is Dead, there was time to retrieve other songs by The Smiths. Meat is Murder, accompanied with nightmare projections of animals, and choices beyond proper to rescue the origin of all this. Quieter than on other occasions, only words about "the shame of Spain" after playing The Bullfighter Dies, as well as about the record label that expelled him weeks after releasing his album. It was a memorable concert, with vocal high quality and sound with no cracks.

Translation: Irene Soto