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Morrissey and The National light up the SOS 4.8

The SOS 4.8 stood out this year when confirming that Morrissey was coming back to Spain just a few months after his last visit to present World Peace is None of Your Business. It was a perfect opportunity to enjoy a more festive attitude and a more balanced repertoire than the full presentation of the album. Stop me if you think you’ve heard this one before, Everyday is like sunday or Suedehead were some of the jewels that sounded in Murcia.


Beyond the ex of The Smiths, The National headed the festival during Saturday. They have become a big band in very little time thanks to their personal rock formula. Their concert alternated the great songs from their last record with a thoughtful survey of the rest of their career. An exciting concert, full of big moments.


The Vaccines gathered a dedicated audience thanks to an attitude which finds its meaning in festivals. Their sound reminds of the British boom fostered by the NME during half of the last decade. It doesn't seem like they could have convinced the way they did outside of a festival.


On the other hand, Lori Meyers alternated their best songs with their last stage, closer to the 'radioformula' and less attractive. Their live, however, is still spotless and very energic despite those plainer songs.

The rest of the line-up alternated interesting national proposals with a series of third-line bands. The festival doesn't achieve to conform a line-up which can be found completely attractive. In what concerns the electronic section, there were not very noteworthy sesions like those of DJs From Mars or Feed Me and others like that of Digitalism which offered what was expected of them. The festival still lacks a more direct bet for offering electronic performances instead of the confined dj set.