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Milimetric precision

Third edition of the Amfest, the instrumental music festival which takes place in Barcelona. In its penultimate day we could enjoy in the room [2] of the Apolo the music of the promising local band El Tercer Semestre, who, with only an album in the market, Tender Tropic (Aloud Music 2013), had already made an impact.

The performance by the trio formed by Josep Palumé (guitar), Joan Manel Monterde (bass) and Ricard Garrido (drums) presented some of the new songs from their incoming second album, in which we could appreciate a certain stylistic evolution.


From the opening Robocat to Obsolescencia, the band from Sabadell showed their identity signs: an instrumental rock unfolding in multiple directions, with precise guitar phrasings overlaying the limit of the tempo which would place them close to match-rock (as in Manuel), along with more classical developments of convincing post-rock (Flowers), or that more atmospheric and psychedelic side of them which shows through in new songs like Pupito & Mojito and, over all, Gael, the first song from the band with a relevant vocal part.

As is usual in their concerts, the playful Tropicat, the closer thing to a hit they have, was the most celebrated by the public. Now all that's left for us is to wait for their new album to see how all that was hinted at in their great concert comes to fruition.


It is important to mention that before them Muñeco performed, the other local band of the day, interpreting those dense songs from their album Ocurre (El genio equivocado, 2014). Also remarkable were the London band Axes, a band with a tremendously intense live, which does not surprise when listening to the frenzy of the songs from their last album Glory (Big Scary Monsters, 2014), and the Portuguese duo Memoria de Peixo, an unknown ensemble here but owners of a boundless creativity and good taste for guitar melodies.



Sala Apolo [2]