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María Yfeu

María Yfeu is the new stand-out singer

At 20 years old, María Yfeu (Seville, 1998) calls to be one of the most remarkable and interesting voices of the Spanish and European independent music scenes. And the thing is, like Leon Bridges before becoming the star he is right now, María has gone through many of the capital's open mics, giving free rein to her vision of music.

Eclecticism without restraints or ties, María buries herself in her passion from multiple perspectives, with influences ranging from Billie Holiday and Amy Winehouse, to Aute and Caetano Veloso, including current artists such as Lianne La Havas or Sunset Rollercoaster.

A very personal and infinite gaze, full of subtle influences. And a voice you cannot take off your mind.

We just got the first teaser of what will be her debut album, and which will be released in the fall thanks to The John Colby Sect. Grudges (that is the name of the song) has a wonderful soul jazz sound which rocks in a sinuous way. It is a piece of art which seduces from the very first chord.

María Yfeu coexists in her band with another two musicians who are also part of the The John Colby Sect team: Iñigo Bregel and Germán Herrero, both members of Los Estanques. Her magnificent voice and their more than proven talent merge into live performances which also promise to become another one of this season's hits.

Yet another incentive to attend María Yfeu's first live performance on Saturday the 18th of May. It will be in El Juglar in Madrid, part of the festival Sound Isidro's schedule. It will be a night in which María will share a stage with Marina Herlop, another young gem of the Spanish music scene.