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The man who was always there

The man who was always there

Lights on, curtain drop, deafening shouts of a standing audience asking for more. Not a soul moving in the face of the possibility that Adrià Puntí would reappear on the Barts auditorium stage. Happy faces, enchanted once again by the endearing personality of the singer-songwriter from Salt (Girona). Thus the show, during which the emotions ran high, came to an end.

Puntí has always been a case to set aside within the national panorama. Unclassifiable, impossible to categorize inside any style or fashion, long ago he won his place in the Olympus of the grand creators of music nationally. His evocative and powerful lyrical poetry, rich in imagery, full of scents, flavors and much nostalgia. His voice, whether soft or torn, makes it clear that nothing of what is said is for talking’s sake.

In his show, Incompletament Puntí the past February 28th, the singer-songwriter already had the Palau de la Música in his pocket. It was not any different in the Festival Grec. The musician proved again that he is uniquely eclectic, capable of discharging blooming electric storms in songs like Jeu and Atzucac; turning the hall into an improvised cabaret with a touch of Tom Waits in Prohibit; making us cry at the piano with pieces such as the heartbreaking Mirall Capgirat or Tarda dAgost, exercises of rough folk in De muda en muda, promising new compositions that have for a while now been rolling like Cor emigrant, Tornavís or Prova del nou; and already in the encore, finishing up the night with the most popular ones, Ull per ull, Si, Catximba —a hit from his previous band Umpah-Pah— and Sota una col.

A beyond well-deserved kick ass success for an artist who over the last years has carried on fighting, come hell or high water, to make everybody know that he was never gone and that his star shines now brighter than ever. We anxiously wait for the predictions of a new album sometime next year.

Translation by Irene Soto.