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Majestic verbena

Cuzin were the first to open the nightly tin in a great pro-anglo, post punk journey, of germanic reminiscences, in which the Madrid-born trio of bass guitar frontman devoted themselves with power, freshness and closeness. Simply staged, Jero, JC and Manel presented their newborn Problemas épicos, the first band LP, justly implemented live, demonstrating their garage rock knowhow, electrified in its roughest and most vertiginous esence. A juicy appetiser to make room for the sublime noise pop banquet that would sunnily derail next.


Goiko, Julen, Claudio and Guille gracefully appeared before the audience and shrouded themselves in their best atmospheres right away, so as to physically bring about their select songbook. The quartet from Bilbao displayed an exquisite, melomaniac style in Gente normal, a brilliant hit in its whole structure that belongs to their double verbenero shot.

Except for their primal and most interesting EP Señores se casan, the northern combo confirmed their outstanding and intense trajectory by highlighting their Curso práctico de autoestima, an illustrative piece of work, essential among the best of 2013, sprinkled by such glorious moments that getting tired of it is almost impossible. Felices facturas or Cretinos united, amongst others, in connection with the brutal and addictive Mírame (los placeres me disfrutan), were packing a terrific show that deserved to last longer.

For the lucid final implosions, Señores turned to a cyclopean chariot that would condense their most undeniable hymns from the past, present and future. Verbena en la plaza del pueblo, Amable y Carta de amor futura were unstoppable tsunamis toward the olimpo of the acid pop, full of distortions, of their magnificent executions. For the final touch and like Los Planetas did in the early 90s in La caja del diablo, they topped it off with El vendedor de enciclopedias, a blushing masterpiece sprouted to close the circle of any group alike. The cut starts to climb slowly but steadily over the orgasmic stop and the most irreversible guitar pedal move. Goiko, relentlessly patenting attitude and joy, couldn´t help but be carried away to the trance with his Fender until the final notes.

Senyores 2.JPG

The die is cast and these guys’ sonic majesty is not but a proposal up to the elite. A magical discovery with such stunning sensations as those developed by Alborotador Gomasio. If everything flows with logic and (poetical) justice, they will walk on the most precious stages very soon to continue expanding the new branch of the most attractive pop. That’s it, a superb concert, another show directly pointing to the best sounding memories of 2015.



Friday, 27 March 2015

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