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Lux Lisbon, success of the cinefilia pop-rock

The indie band dresses its music with a high cinematic component which is inherent to the group personality. As a proof just see the name of the band as Lux Lisbon was the character of Kirsten Dunst in Sofia Coppola's The virgin suicides, and the continually shown wonderment to the Monty Python John Cleese. Like it is voiced in the line "I say this with sincerity, because it’s what I believe, the greatest man who ever lived was John Cleese" from their last single Show the money.

The british formation mix own melodies influenced by names like The Dog is Dead, Fleetwood Mac, Bruce Springsteen, Bloc Party, Simon y Garfunkel, Florence + the machine with their voices set, in which the male tone by Stuart Rook and the female one by Charlotte Austen, alternate indistinctly each other to be main vocal and second. This gets as a result a choral harmony perfectly matched that joinning the rest of the members funnel with an unfailing good taste the musical power came from the mentioned influences.    


The first Lux Lisbon album Get some scars, sentence thar forwards like a reflex action to the character they borrow the name, has perched on top of the hard requirement of such an important broadcasters as BBC Radio, wher the band did not pass unnoted for the audience. Little bit later hung the "Sold out" signal during three nights at The Lexington London and on june 2015 they did it again at Bush Hall. Definetly this guyshonour the Lux character and the album's title as well scratching the enviroment to get some scars.

This four pieces band, in their tireless autopromo work done since their foundation untill today, has left their ten tracks to download for free on the band web site. One of the best 2015 indie albums in UK on a plate.