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Luka Arrives With Rollercoaster

Luka is a synth pop duo formed in 2016 in Barcelona by Juliane Heinemann and Marc Cuevas. The Berliner singer is already known on the indie scene for her two solo albums (Aren't you glad to be here, 2010, and True Gods, 2012). Marc, a regular double bass player from the Barcelona jazz scene, wanted to explore the song format, and both sought to get carried away by the use of synthesizers and effects. Thus, Luka was born as an electro-pop band of elegant songs.

Juliane, an experienced guitar player and vocalist who has worked alongside bands such as Delafé and Las Flores Azules, joins Marc, who has participated in projects such as Víctor de Diego Quartet or Jorge Rossy Sextet and has played along performers as relevant as Maika Makowski.

Luka’s basis for creating Slowdancer was a minimalist production, which allow Juliane and Marc to take the disc to the stage with the use of just four synths, voice and an electronic drum. The composition worked as a joint process: one of the two brought an idea and, Juliane wrote the lyrics and both built the arrangements.

With basic electronic instrumentation, harmonic sound and catchy choruses, Slowdancer was recorded in Estudio La Isla by Pablo Miranda. The disc will be published by Discos Flotantes in June 2017, now Rollercoaster, first single, arrives a little before.