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`La industria de los sentidos´ is the third album of the band led by Juamba d'Estroso (voice and guitars), who together with the musicians Santi García on bass and Jaime Nerja on drums have given shape to this new work with a raw, filthy sound, sometimes in ramshackle progressive rock clef; with fondness for the lo-fi sound, noise blues, post-punk and la chanson.

Getting LOBISON to turn into a genre, without loyalty to any style and taking only that which allows it to transmit what is needed at any moment.

The album is composed and produced by Juamba d'Estroso himself in an old garage and most of the songs have been recorded live transmitting this way the rawness and mark of their concerts.

Initially known as FALSO CABARET, this Sevillian group published their first album on October 2011, a debut that was titled `Para Muchas Amigas Mías´and that earned them excellent reviews and an incipient legion of fans. Among the songs of this album was LOBISON, a ferocious and intense song that expressed all the energy and personality of the group, to the point of becoming now the name of the band.

Its overwhelming stage presence has been maturing throughout the last years, time in which they have shared stage with American Music Club, Dominique A, Guadalupe Plata, Lonely Drifter Karen, The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart or Christian Kjellvander among others.

The sound of LOBISON has intensity, tradition, romantic tension, darkness, touched by the dense and uncomfortable rock of the 80's. His is the sign of the one who does not share with his contemporaries, self-imposed isolation; from the most atavistic burlesque, developing into a sort of thunderstorm where the figures of Jacques Brell and Kurt Weill dance in drunkard intensity to the rhythm of The Sound, and where in a hypothetical what if? Nino Bravo would have been an irreductible fan of Joy Divison.

`La industria de los sentidos´, the third album of LOBISON, already for sale on the online shop of Bonavena Musica.