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Leone's bolero surf

Leone is a rock band with influences from bolero, surf, western, Mediterranean song and, in general, music in Spanish. Leone wants to claim the Spanish bar and the round dish. It is made up of veteran musicians: Jesus Canet (guitar and vocals, Motel 3), Juan Pérez Marina (guitar, Corcobado), Manuel Cahuchola (bass and voices, Paul Collins) and Jesús Alonso (drums, Corcobado and Les Reuchen Verboten).

The album Songs of Love and Hate (vol I) will be released in September 2020 in vinyl format, and will contain eleven songs, which alternate between love and hate, bolero and rumba, American folk and rock, chanson and Ennio Morricone. Almost everything fits on this album, which will be the first of the two volumes that make up the work, with a total of twenty-two songs. It will be released by the Almería-based record company Clifford Records, an independent label that stands out for the level of its artists and for the unconditional support it has provided for alternative music for decades.