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L'antimoderno comes back into the scene

One of the most histrionic characters of the Catalan music scene is back: Le Petit Ramon. Elvis's Girls, Girls, Girls have grown up and they are Senyores, Senyores, Senyores now. A double album with 19 tracks that introduce a wilder, more rock Ramón Faura, and with a band that calls itself Waldorf Astoria and made up of Israel Ortega (drums), Xavier Artigas (keyboards) and Tony Laming (bass).


Senyores, Senyores, Senyores is the fifth album as Le Petit Ramon, and contains keyboards from the 70s, rock & roll rhythms and a mixture between pop and rock, all presented with a punk attitude and their already characteristic dark humor. The album has been recorded in an analogical manner and almost live, which gives it a personality of its own and which translates into an authentic live show, far from modern conventionalism, reminiscing old times that never go out of style, those old true times. More contemporary musicians from the Catalan music scene have collaborated, such as Martí Sales, Jaume Pla (Mazoni) or Roger Mas. Aqnd it has been produced by Joan Pons (El Petit de Cal Eril).


A few years have gone by since Ramón Faura put the Le petit Ramon project on hold, and he had been attacking the stages as Macho, a psychedelic garage punk quartet with references in the music that was being done in British at the end of the 60s. A project in which Faura got his wilder side out, and finally, he's back in the Le Petit Ramon suit, but he has transferred part of this loutish behavior with the incorporation of a more electric band that allows for more powerful live shows such as the one which we were able to enjoy the past April 17, where he officially presented his new album, Senyores, Senyores, Senyores. A concert during which he went over this double album top to bottom, inside which we can find love songs, as well as some more protest-like ones. Songs where he gets out his energy as in Escandinàvia, which talks about fight between social classes, and Foc, criticizing tourism in Ciutat Vella (Barcelona), and some others with touches about political criticism, but also songs where he shows his more delicate and tender side, as in Mentre Dorms or Els Mitjons.


A night that gave us many moments. Moments to enjoy a band of excellent musicians, special guests, moments to act vandal onstage climbing even on top of the drum set or on his knees before the mic, but also moments sitting at the chair and alone onstage, moments of complicity with the audience who responded, but above all, moments of good music, good songs, and of a nice and kind live performance which proves the experience and the technical know-how of this multitalented Catalan musician. All of this as part of the traveling CurtCircuit festival, which presents its musical proposals to a good number of music venues.

Le Petit Ramon – Album presentation, “Senyores, Senyores, Senyores”

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