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Sound snapshots of a DJ set

Lady Tracy doesn’t care about musical genres. She also doesn't know what inspiration is or where it should come from. But what she is clear about is that she wants to continue making music, either with tracks on Internet or by launching new projects. After Internet Jungle Kid (2019), she is now working on Gift with the intention of bringing us new sound landscapes.

When and how was the Lady Tracy musical project born?

I started the Lady Tracy Soundcloud page in 2015. That was also the time I did my first DJ gigs in Berlin. For me, the most important milestone so far with this project was the release of my album, Internet Jungle Kid, in December last year. It’s a real snapshot of my ideas and abilities narrated into a story.

Where do you take inspiration from when you compose?

I’ve listened to a wide range of music throughout my life. It’s all there somewhere in the back of my brain. Music is a language. You hear other people say words in certain contexts and then you try to repeat those words and form your own sentences with it in your own context and try to establish a dialogue. That’s what I do with sound: playing around with synths, samples and effects. I apply the new techniques I just learned and then combine it with the mood I’m in at the time. Is this inspiration? To be honest, I don’t know what inspiration is, let alone where it’s supposed to come from.


You have released two records, are you grateful for the support you received?

Yes, I have released two records, but this was basically just me uploading files to the internet. But it’s nice to be able to just release your music the way you want. I’m also very grateful for the support of my partner and friends, who have helped me out with artwork and promotion.

Working in music can require financial investment and a lot of daily planning. Has this been a problem for you, in terms of keeping on top of your projects?

The desire to make music has helped me to develop a better attitude with regards to my finances and getting a clear idea of my priorities. I actually enjoy being resourceful with the gear that I have. Lots of my favourite music has been recorded with less. This also inspires me. On the other hand, the time management aspect is far more of a challenge for me at the moment, with its highs and lows. I’m not so good at keeping to a daily routine; I’m more wired for working in cycles. It can be exhausting and I’m still figuring out the right balance between strict discipline and just going with the flow.

How would you define your music? Do you have a concrete style or is it open to experimentation?

It’s a kind of fan fiction of jungle, electronic and IDM. I love breakbeats, samples-based music and distortion, which are key ingredients to almost anything I make. I don’t know about genre names though, I don’t even care about that when I make music.

Are there any artists in particular that have influenced your compositions?

I’ve always been a big fan of Aphex Twin and Squarepusher. Obviously, drum and bass producers, like Grooverider, Photek, and all the Metalheadz stuff. I don’t really see my music as fitting into the DnB world. How could I place myself next to such great actors in the music scene? But I guess this music style has been one of my biggest influences: how I approach sound design and atmosphere in my music.

The music on Internet Jungle Kid is more a series of snapshots of a DJ set. It’s more like I’m telling a story that should be listened to from beginning to end.


Do you have any musical fantasies?

Maybe about incorporating more live elements into my DJ sets, like live remixes of my tunes and more improvisations. But I’m not really sure yet how I would do it and what equipment I should use. I prefer to keep the focus on production for now. I’m also looking forward to a time when clubs can open again. Just going out and listen to music on a big system with lots of sweaty people squashed against your body has become a fantasy these days.

Are there any future projects that you can tell us about?

Yes. At the moment, I’m producing an EP for a project called Gift, with my partner, Emma. We come from two quite different musical backgrounds, so it can lead to some interesting soundscapes. I’m also collecting ideas for the next Lady Tracy album, which I’m aiming to release at the end of 2020.