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La Suite Bizarre

La Suite Bizarre is not a band like any other. It's clear enough looking at their biography. We find their beginnings in London, where the project was born after the meeting and posterior collaboration in the studio with Harold Burgon, producer of David Bowie and My Bloody Valentine, among others. Maybe that first guru can explain the nature of La Suite Bizarre's sound: an insatiable beater where they mix genres such as the most vigorous dance rock, the contagious p-funk of the 70s, the sassiest new wave of the 80s, the lysergic Madchester scene and, of course, glam clothing's disco music and erotic-festive nudity.

Don't believe London has been their only school. La Suite Bizarre's members have walked their beautiful bodies in stages all over Europe. Germany, France, Switzerland, Portugal and the rest of the traitorous Albion have surrendered to their charms. They've even afforded the luxury of performing in the Olympic Games' parallel activities in the United Kingdom in 2012. Of course, nobody like La Suite Bizarre to make you sweat. A lot.

But it's been in Mexico where La Suite Bizarre have undoubtedly found their most loyal audience. 2019 will be the third year in which the band will visit Mexico, a country where their name started to sound familiar after the success gained in the 2017 edition of Festival Marvin CDMX.

They now come back with none other than !!! (CHK CHK CHK), and with a new album, Travolta Vol. 1. Can you bet they'll be successful once again?